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Large Doors - Multi-slides, Bi-folds, and OXXO’s
Architecture, Exterior, Planning | August 20, 2022
Large Doors – Multi-slides, Bi-folds, and OXXO’s

OXXO’s? Multi-Slides? Bi-Folds? What are you talking about Brad?! I’m talking about large exterior patio door options. It seems that the design trends for outdoor living spaces have left two panel sliding doors in the dust in favor of multi panel sliding doors. These doors are being requested in most upper end home designs, large home or small. Smaller frame…

4 Fresh House Plans For Spring
Architecture, Planning | May 15, 2021
4 Fresh House Plans For Spring

“4 Fresh House Plans For Spring” Take a look at these plans for ideas to incorporate into your design, shared from

Planning | November 9, 2020
“It’s going to take how long?!”
"It's going to take how long?!" Construction schedules are impacted by many things; labor and quality of labor, supply chain, unexpected weather events, hourly coffee, Red Bull, and/or cigarette breaks. Possibly even the lack of general supervision of the project due to the compounding workload of General Contractors. The current environment is nothing short of busy and the demand on...
Reading Construction Drawings - "Help!"
Planning | November 6, 2020
Reading Construction Drawings – “Help!”

“Reading Blueprints – A primer on how to understand construction drawings” Here is a an excellent article by JLC Online on how to read blueprints. If you are preparing to build a home and need help decyphering what is on a set of blueprints or construction drawings, this article is a great resource. Journal Of Light Construction – JLC…

Matt Risinger - "Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship
Planning | November 3, 2020
Matt Risinger – “Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship

“Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship” MATT RISINGER, RISINGER & COMPANY One of my favorite people to learn from in world of residential construction is Matt Risinger of Risinger & Company in Austin, Texas. Residential construction methods are evolving into a blend of beautiful aethetics, high performance fenestrations, and functional spaces . Matt sets the bar very high and he is…