OXXO’s? Multi-Slides? Bi-Folds? What are you talking about Brad?! I’m talking about large exterior patio door options. It seems that the design trends for outdoor living spaces have left two panel sliding doors in the dust in favor of multi panel sliding doors. These doors are being requested in most upper end home designs, large home or small. Smaller frame widths, improved thermal ratings, and improved performance ratings, have improved dramatically. But there are a few very important details to consider and a significant savings, so bare with me before signing off on that door package. Multi-side Doors really are amazing doors. Very large glass, contemporary slim frames, 10ft+ heights, 30ft+ widths. All of that wrapped in a price tag comparable an inflated 2022 F250 pickup truck.

You might be surprised to know that pricing a multi-slide or bi-fold door can be estimated using a $2300 per linear feet on the floor. That is supplied and installed. For reference, that 10ft wide, three panel multi-slide to compliment your beautiful open great room? $23,000. 20ft wide, $46,000. You get the point. Add a screen system for these doors and you will add another $4,000 – $8,000. There are definitely spaces in a home where these doors might be worth it, but before we tackle specifying a door like this, let’s consider option number 2.

OXXO doors are a 4-panel configuration where the two outside panels, the “O”, are a fixed panel meaning they do not more or operated. The two center panels are operable sliding panels. These doors typically come with a screen system. These OXXO doors are a great value and can be purchased for less 50-75% less than the multi-slide doors. They typically are more efficient and have a height design rating, meaning they do a much better job at keeping the water and wind from breaking the plane of the door. Keep in mind you will want to make sure you are calling for a standard size door to maximize your savings. A downside to these doors is that they do not have flush or flat sill like you would find on a multi-slide or bi-fold door.

As a window and door expert, I can make sure we design your window and door package to ensure we are maximizing savings and also finding options for your specific needs.