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A process meticulously designed to ensure your peace of mind and comfort.

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    Concept Design
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    Technical Design & Bid
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    Completion & Move In
The Concept Design or Schematic Design phase is essential for shaping your future home's appearance and feel. During this phase, we collect all your ideas and information, transforming them into detailed plans through 3D walkthroughs, precise visual renderings, and an initial floor plan. This ensures the design captures both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. We begin by sitting down together to discuss and organize your ideas and photos. We then incorporate these elements into the design to accurately reflect your vision. Typical time frame for this process is 3-6 weeks.
During the Technical Design and Bid phase, our focus shifts to the construction drawings and detailed planning of your home. We provide a detailed specification list that clearly outlines all materials and selections for your new home, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the construction components. Additionally, we offer a firm price and an estimated timeline, ensuring you have a clear grasp of both the cost and duration of the building process. This phase is dedicated to finalizing details and setting the stage for construction, typically requiring 4-8 weeks to complete.
The Construction phase brings your plans to life. This exciting stage transitions from design to action, as you watch your dream home take shape. Our expert team meticulously ensures that every detail aligns with your vision, not just constructing a building but creating a space for cherished memories. While obtaining a building permit typically takes 3-4 weeks, during this time, we proactively schedule and purchase materials. Once the permit is secured, construction begins in earnest. The total build time can vary, generally spanning 6-18 months, depending on various factors.
The Completion phase is when your new home is ready, and you can finally move in. This significant milestone is the result of our detailed planning and craftsmanship. Our team ensures everything meets your expectations, making your transition smooth and satisfying. As you settle into your new space, crafted just for you, we take pride in knowing we've helped create a home that's not just a building, but a place for lasting memories.