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All About Very Large Exterior Doors

OXXO’s? Multi-Slides? Bi-Folds? What are you talking about?! These are names of the different door operation types for very large exterior patio door options. It seems that design trends for outdoor living spaces have left two panel sliding doors in the dust in favor of large patio doors. Contemporary frame widths, improved thermal ratings and performance ratings, have made these doors a popular and worthwhile consideration. There are a few things to consider that can come with a significant cost savings, so bare with me before signing off on that door package.

Multi-slide and bi-fold doors are amazing doors. Mutli-slides are sliding doors and bi-folds are folding “accordian” style doors. Both have options for large glass and panel sizes, contemporary-slim frames, 10ft+ heights, 30ft+ widths. All of that wrapped in a price tag comparable to a new truck. You might be surprised to know that pricing a multi-slide (or bi-fold door) can be estimated using a range of $2000 to $2500 per linear feet on the floor (install included). For reference, the10ft wide, three panel multi-slide to compliment your beautiful Great Room? $25,000. A 20ft wide, $50,000. You get the point. Add a screen system for these doors and you will add another $4,000 – $8,000. There are definitely spaces in a home where these doors might be worth it, but before we tackle specifying a door like this, let’s consider option number two.

OXXO doors are a 4-panel configuration where the two outside panels, the “O”, are a fixed panel. Meaning they do not move or operate and are Fixed. The two center panels are operable sliding panels. These doors do typically come with built screen system. These OXXO doors are a great value and can be had for $5,000 to $15,000 depending on manufacturer and size. They typically have a higher performance rating, meaning they do a much better job at keeping the water and wind from breaking the plane of the door and can be more energy efficient. Keep in mind you will want to make sure you are designing for a standard size door to maximize your savings and this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. One downside to these doors is that they do not have a “flush” or flat sill like you would find on a multi-slide or bi-fold door.

As a window and door expert, I can make sure we design your window and door package to ensure we are maximizing savings and also finding options for your specific needs.

Pella has an excellent website with photos showing off these beautiful doors;

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