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Home Design Trends To Consider - 2023

Home Design Trends To Consider – 2023

Home Design Trends To Consider – 2023

Design is an ever-evolving field, with new trends and styles emerging every year. I monitor design trends to help separate myself from some of the things I see being built. As a General Contractor and Designer, I think it’s easy to default to what is comfortable and familiar, but I think those of us who really enjoy making their customers happy, really try to bring in fresh and new ideas. It’s exciting. Here are some of the top design trends to look out for in 2023.

  1. Bold and Vibrant Colors: Bright and bold colors will be a key trend in 2023, with designers looking to create designs that are eye-catching and energetic. This trend is all about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to use bright colors and bold patterns to bring your designs to life.
  2. 3D Designs and Animations: With the rise of virtual and augmented reality, 3D designs and animations are becoming increasingly popular in the world of design. From 3D illustrations and graphics to animations and interactive experiences, designers are finding new and innovative ways to bring their designs to life in three dimensions.
  3. Minimalism: Despite the trend towards bold and vibrant designs, minimalism will still play a major role in 2023. Simple, clean and modern designs that focus on functionality and usability will continue to be popular, as designers look to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.
  4. Hand-drawn Elements: Hand-drawn elements are becoming more popular in the world of design, as designers look to add a personal touch to their work. From hand-drawn illustrations and typography to hand-made textures and patterns, hand-drawn elements are a great way to make your designs stand out from the crowd.
  5. Retro and Vintage Designs: Retro and vintage designs are making a comeback in 2023, as designers look to the past for inspiration. From classic typography and vintage illustrations to retro color palettes and nostalgic patterns, this trend is all about paying homage to the designs of yesteryear.

These are some of the key design trends to help inspire new ideas for you. Whether you’re a designer, potential client, business owner or simply someone who is interested in design, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends so that you can create designs that are both functional and visually appealing. is a great resource for ideas and trends. They have a great write up you can find here.

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