Small Homes Are Great! I have a wide range of home style favorites. Within those styles you will find great big or small sized layouts. But I think there is something fascinating about a small home with rooms that have the right proportions that give it a cozy feel. Imagine sitting in a comfy chair in the fall with a cup of coffee in a room and snow falling outside. That feeling can be enhanced by designing the space with the right size of proportion of the length, width, and height. This coziness you feel is the product of the perfect size of the room and it’s finishes. Snow falling outside can’t hurt either, especially if you own a snowblower. I really admire the designs that maximize the space available and create atmospheres condusive to evening family chats or quiet corners for reading a book. You can find many of these types of homes in the North End of Boise, but they can also be a found in a farm house in South Meridian, Star, or probably anywhere in Idaho. This is why designing and building homes for people is so much fun. You get to focus on the needs of your clients and really try to capture their dreams for things they enjoy to do in their homes, and sometimes those things don’t take a lot of space. Unless of course you are playing ping pong with your twelve year old son, and in that case I say “game on!”.

Here is a home design put out by It’s open but cozy and maximizes the space for a patio style home.  Take a look;

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