"It's going to take how long?!"

Construction schedules are impacted by many things; labor and quality of labor, supply chain, unexpected weather events, hourly coffee, Red Bull, and/or cigarette breaks. Possibly even the lack of general supervision of the project due to the compounding workload of General Contractors. The current environment is nothing short of busy and the demand on supply chains for certain materials is stretching everyone in construction around the Treasure Valley and around the country. Build schedules are being pushed out and buyers are put on wait lists. It's a sign of a growing local economy coupled with a great place to raise a family.

I had a short run in building "spec" homes some years ago and I remember taking pride in a 4 month build schedule for 4,000SF of living space. Nowadays, I see build schedules in the 6-8 month time frame frequently and it's not uncommon for a medium custom to take well over 8 months to over a year. And, this is a good thing. We don't want to rush our guys and we should give them time to do what they do best.

"Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit" -Molière